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Thread: Pics of my first Nepenthes

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    Pics of my first Nepenthes

    Ok guys, a while ago I acquired a N. Miranda cutting from Andrew. It has been living in my sunroom for a few months at about 65-70F and 45-55% humidity. It's starting to warm up and get more humid here in SC, and it appears very happy! It has produced 4 new leaves very quickly, and started growing the flowers a week ago! The last leaf that opened has grown a fairly long tendril that I hope may pitcher.

    As a complete noob when it comes to plants, I had a few questions...

    Does this tendril look like it may produce a pitcher? Or is there no way to tell other than waiting?

    What are the reddish flakes on the leaf in the second picture? It is isolated to that one leaf. I did have a bit of a sunburn issue on another leaf, but I trimmed away the dead spots, and it looks fine now...

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    Congrats on your first Nep! N. x 'Miranda' makes great pitchers!

    It looks to me like the last leaf which opened up is indeed going to produce a pitcher! You've also got a bloom coming along! The red spots you are referring to look like they may be slight burn marks from water sitting on the leaf, nothing serious. You've got a great plant! Congrats!

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    Looks good bro! When I first got that planet it took months (almost a year) to start pitchering. When I moved from that greenhouse to the next (totally different environment) it never stopped. Glad yours started so quickly, given when the cutting was taken plus the move to your environment, I don't think the time frame is too bad. I agree that the last picture looks like it is going to pitcher for you

    As far as the red goes, mine always has that, but my plant is up in the rafters of the greenhouse LOL but yeah, not an indication of a problem. I wouldn't even cut out the spots like you mention you did.

    Keep up the good work!

    ps- The stuff you ordered should go out tomorrow and get to you on Sat.
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