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Thread: Noob question

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    The plant produces its own "water" when inflating, but if emptied wont create more if i remember correctly. some species do get rain water in their pitchers, but most use their lids in a way to keep the rain water from diluting the enzymes. you could put some water in the pitcher if you want to keep it from drying out and dying faster.
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    Your wife probably experienced contact dermatitis, basically a catch-all for any minor rash or irritation. Some people are capable of getting a rash from a new brand of detergent . . .

    On the issue of filling the emptied pitcher, I'd put in a small amount of RO or distilled water and let the palnt produce its own digestive fluids; otherwise, an emptied pitcher will often dry out die, a common issue after shipping . . .

    Good luck . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by chump_hater21 View Post
    Hey guys,

    I am new to this forum as I am new a new Nepenthes hobbiest. 2 weeks ago my wife and I went to a nursery to pick up some vegitable plants for the new growing season. While we where there a Nepenthes Alata caught my eye and I told my wife I had to have it. Took it home and was on the web for days trying to find information on how to care for it. It appears I choose a good one to start with. It's in very good condition with about (8) 4-5" pitchers and it looks like 7 more are about to sprout.

    I have it on my patio and it's doing well so far. Last week I had a cool surprise on my front door. When I came home from work hanging on my door knob was a huge Nephenthes Miranda (only had 1 6" pitcher) and appeared to be in bad shape (leaves are 2' long and most are broken in half). There was a note with the plant saying he noticed my plant hanging in the patio and he thought I would'nt mind having his since he's moving away. I just can't believe it. I just found out about neps 2 weeks ago and already I have 2. I am looking forward to next week to see what else is left on my door.

    Anyway this leads me to my first question. I brought the n.miranda inside and I accidently bumped into my wife. The one pitcher's contents poured all down my wifes leg and about a couple of minutes later my wife had what appeared to be a rash where the liquid dumped out. Is the contents in the pitchers dangerous? I was thinking it may be since I have never seen my wife break out like that. She said it was burning.

    She is fine now, but like I said I am concerned. Anyone know if the pitcher contents is powerful enough to damage tissue? Next question is since the contents dumped out should I leave it empty or should I put water in it?

    Thanks for the help guys. I look forward to chatting with you guys on this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKristoff View Post
    but if emptied wont create more if i remember correctly.
    They will reproduce the liquid is drained.

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