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Thread: How do some seedlings look like

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    How do some seedlings look like

    Hi everyone

    Just asking if anyone 1 of you have germinated nep seeds which look like a maybe 0.5cm hairy stem coming out and 2 leaves which is not "smooth" in shape? I mean when a nep seedling just germinated they will come out with 2 nice teardrop kind of leaf right? But recently i germinated some not sure ID nep seeds most of them turn black probally 90% there a just a few which didn't turn black...So now i realised there is 2 seedlings there which i don't know if its a nep seedling or a weed...It has a short stem sticking out which normally nep seedlings dont.The leaves are wringkly teardrop shaped and the stem is hairy soo i'm not sure if its a weed...

    Well i have a growlist her but anyways heres mine in another forum.

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    From what I've seen baby Neps look just like very miniature Nepenthes rosettes with all green leaves and pitchers. They don't have an obvious "non-Nepenthes" looking stage from what I've seen.

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