Nepenthes clipeata growers! Get over here!

I think that I've found something out of research of my favorite Nepenthes species: IDENTIFICATION!

Here is some-what of a weak key, agree with me if you please, but this is how I identify N. clipeata:


Nepenthes clipeata x eymae
These are all seed-grown plants, most looking eh- at the most, fairly similar to the true N. clipeata. Here are some of the most distinguishing traits.
Leaves: See the picture at the bottom. The tendril drops off the end of the leaf, which is not something N. clipeata does!
Wings: Present. On the true species, wings are totally absent after the plant reaches maturity.
Coloration: The pitchers are usually pale, similar to the true species. However, on the true species, there are no speckles or spots present on pitchers. The spots are a trait inherited from the male parent, N. eymae.
Growth: Has “hybrid vigor”. See below.


Nepenthes clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)
These are, again, seed-grown plants, looking very, very similar to the true N. clipeata. Some of the most distinguishing traits are below.
Leaves: The insertation of the tendril is not as extremely petalate as the true species.
Coloration: The hybrid has pale pitchers, similar to the species, but they have spots, a trait inherited from N. eymae.
Growth: Supposedly has “hybrid vigor” displayed. Hybrid vigor is supposedly enhanced growth that makes a plant:
A) Grow faster
B) Be more resistant to disease
C) Have stronger growth
D) All of the above
Pictures are from Joel's site,