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Thread: Some spring photos

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    Some spring photos

    Spring is in the air, and some of my nepenthes that sulked over winter are starting to strut around like they own the place.

    Love the shape on this one, plus sharp green and red mixture.
    From Nepenthes unknown #15

    This sanguinea has taken well over a year to pitcher for me, then suddenly I find this growing behind my back last week. Didn't realize they get this big!
    From Nepenthes sanguinea - Pink

    A simple, but very pleasing hybrid.
    From Nepenthes hirsuta x veitchii

    Fun guy to look at here due to the red pattern.
    From Nepenthes unknown #10

    This is a fancy looking hybrid that took some time to recover for me.
    From Nepenthes maxima Dark x sanguinea - Purple

    This dragon has stayed small for some time, I recently repotted it plus upped the lighting, maybe it will start taking off.
    From Nepenthes 'Red Dragon'

    Another nice mix of color
    From Nepenthes unknown #25

    The tank, highland truncata
    From Nepenthes Truncata - Pasian

    I think my first pollination is going well! Maybe everyone who comes out to the spring BBQ can leave with some seeds!
    From Nepenthes Flowers

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    Nice Neps as always. Congratulations on the pollination.

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