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Thread: Big batch of spring pics

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    As always Caps, you have the best plants around. Thanks alot for taking the time for sharing with us.

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    Beautiful stuff Caps! Did you get that N. aristo x thor from me as a cutting way back when?
    Not that I want to buy a cutting back or anything - I can't care for Neps right now. But it sure is a beauty. It's one of the Neps I miss most of all along with the hamata! If it was from me it's cool to know it was a boy!
    I always liked the unopened aristo x thor pitchers just before the lid pops, they look like surrealist mummy sarcophaguses!

    Hmm, perhaps my aristo x thor flowered and it was a female and that was the plant I had tried to cross with N. Miranda pollen... producing copious amounts of sterile seed. It's been a long time and my memory is getting old!

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