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Thread: The N. clipeata Timeline

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    The N. clipeata Timeline

    I have really fallen in love with this species. However, after recently reading Joel's (NepenthesAroundtheHouse) website, I am a bit confused. How did the hybrid N. clipeata x eymae come to be? How did it take so short of a time to create N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)?

    I think I may need professional help with this matter.
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    There is a monsterous amount of information about N. clipeata within this forum's archives.

    One of the threads we had going a few years back with input from just about everyone that knew anything about what occured in Germany to produce the plants we have today. Scroll down a bit on page 2 here for Andreas's reply which deals specifically about events at the Munich Botanic Garden

    If you are still scratching your head after all that let me know and I will try and clarify.
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