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Thread: Signs of seed setting?

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    Signs of seed setting?

    Hi guys and gals!

    My N. spathulata has been flowering for a while now, and i have pollinated some flowers..
    I dabbed them with a q-tip, once the stigmas got 'sticky', and plenty of pollen stuck. Then I cut off the remaining part of the flower spike, as i read on another forum that this is easier on the plant...
    My question is; Are there any signs to look for that the pollination was successful? The 'fruit' part of the flower will inflate eventually ofc, but are there other signs?
    This is my first attempt at getting seed, and any advice would be very appreciated.

    Btw, she also has a second spike now, plus 4 activated nodes and a 20 inch basal... would cutting some off enhance my chances of getting seed?

    Thanks /Dan
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    How long has it been? It will take a few weeks before the pods begin to lengthen if the pollination was successful. Although that isn't a guarantee the seed will be viable.

    You can also see if the pollen has 'grown' into the stigma. If the pollen is still loose and comes off easily then it hasn't made pollen tubes. Pollen which grows properly will cause the stigma to turn brownish where it is in contact.
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