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Thread: N. Ventrata Temp Ranges

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    N. Ventrata Temp Ranges

    I'll start this thread letting you all know how incredibly short the summer in Cleveland can be. I was just checking my post when I first got my monster Ventrata and it was dated late May (it was still too cold to leave outside.) It's not even September yet (no splitting hairs now!) and we are having chatter of high 40's/low 50s at night. Yikes! Anyways, what do you, the masses, think would be the low range of where I could leave my plant outside. Just above frost? I really don't know what I'll do when I have to bring it in. There will probably be some big cuttings up. It's grown over 1 foot on the main vine alone!

    Maybe pictures tomorrow after I get home from work. It really has gotten huge!
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    My locality has a sort of highland environment with 105+ summers at 15% humidity. We still achieve big temp drops at night. The temp is all over the place and humidity reverses to like 80% during winter. I've had ventratas for ever (OK, almost 6 years) and tried a large cutting in a planting hanger in a higher branch of my tree (dappled sun) in spring. As long as I watered it every other day or so, it survived the hundreeds. It also pitchered through the ensuing drops in temp range, liking the more easy temps. Being an experiment so to speak, I let it go through all winter outside until it's death. The temp outside had to be below 32f before damage showed. However, I also believe that had it not frozen, but only seen say 36f low and 50f high, it might just have survived, given good, strong proper light.
    Good growing, Jack
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    I had my ventrata's growth points die when it got down to mid 40's last fall. It made a recovery over the winter though. And doubled the number of growth points it originally had.

    55 is my cutoff for it now to be on the safe side.

    Edit: Officially mine is a alata x (alata x ventricosa)
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