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Thread: Bicals, Please En-lighten Me

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    Bicals, Please En-lighten Me

    Hello Fellow CP'ers-

    I love bicals and I would like to set up a terrarium in my living room so I can admire it easily and frequently (yes I do have a greenhouse which it will go into when it outgrows it).

    We all agree, that the two most important factors in keeping these little beasties is high temp and high humidity.

    But what about lighting? I've read many threads where people suggest keeping them in shade due to their swampy, boggy background to, there is no such thing as too much light (i.e. surrounded in mylar in a grow chamber with a 16hr. photo period).

    After all my research, I have come to the conclusion, that as long as heat and humidity are met, the bical will adapt between a shaded or supernova lighting.

    But still, if it is mostly found in shaded, boggy, swampy and wet conditions, shouldn't we mimic that envrionment? And yet, Hawaii is not considered a swampy area where many bicals have been thriving in peoples gardens

    I would love to read other people experiences with lighting (what type of lighting, photoperiod, health of plant, growth rate etc.) on these botanical beasts.

    Thanks to all who respond


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    I keep my bical in less light than all of my other neps... due to my finding that their environments were more shaded as well, I dont assume that it actually helps them grow any faster.

    I'm sure the more light the faster the growth, but for me (not having a greenhouse) i believe the shade keeps their growth rate at a manageable pace so that I can enjoy mine indoors for much longer than I would if i blasted it with as much light as possible...


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