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Just sharing what I have been through so far with nepenthes pollination, a few considerations though:
1.Receptiveness (time when they are ready to be pollinated) of each
inflorescences are varied for species/ hybrid
2.From pollination to fruits capsule ripeness also varied among species and
hybrids. As far as of the health of the mother plant also the external
factor like weather will effect the time of seeds breaking open.

Usually from the penducle (stalk) of inflorescenses shown the first time, it took about one to two weeks before the sepal open up showing the stigma & ovary.

This picture showing the sepal is about to open up, usually takes one – three days till the stigmas are receptive.

This picture showing the stigma are ready to be pollinated,

some other signs:
1. the nectar secreting tepals will release certain aroma (in the wild this will
attract insect to do the pollination)
2. stigma is a bit sticky means they are ready to receive pollens grain
3. insects always know better as they are also attracted by nectar released
from the four tepals.

How to pollinate:
1. take the pollen grains then applied to the ‘sticky’ stigma, can just use
finger tips, cotton buds or anything you are comfortable with.
2. Depending on the pollens availability as for the frequency of applying
pollen to the stigma, usually ranging from one to three times on
consequences day. I prefer to do the pollination at around 7 am in the
morning and/ or evening at around 17 or 18 pm (proven better success

This picture showing a successful pollination as the ovary started to elongate and fruits developed.

From pollination usually it takes around 2 – 3 months time till the fruits capsule ripe. I usually wait until it breaks open itself before collecting the seeds.
Few Tip:
1. Labeling dan date is important as the process take a few months to
2. When using more than one type of pollen can just use a separator like this

3. Don’t be greedy, just produced per needed as the whole process
consuming a lot of the plant energy.
4. Fertilizing is recommended during the process (once a week), using of
more “P” power of the NPK, such as Grow More 10-55-10.

Hope this can be useful.
An for those of you who dont Know here is the difference between Male , an Female

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