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Thread: Nepenthes Outside

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    I'm not really the best person to ask, but my own little bical - which I got as a tiny inch-wide TC sprout about two years back - is doing fine in an uncovered terrarium under lights. It hasn't yet gotten to the foot-wide growth spurt that everybody talks about. In my opinion, if they're small enough to keep under lights, there's no reason not to do so.
    I babied it before but now I'm treating it a little more roughly. I used to worry about humidity, but I recently decided to ditch the terrarium cover because it made watering a hassle, and the bical pulled through without a single hiccup. The only thing that's carefully controlled is the temperature, which is maintained by my desktop computer/home server and a baseboard heater set to 65F. Radiant heat from the lights on the shelf keep the terrarium slightly warmer than the room itself, which rarely dips under 72F.
    Did you look at Neps Around The House? That guy has a lot of good advice on how to start growing Neps outdoors. He's in inland California, I believe, which isn't quite the same as Florida, but neither Cali nor Florida are too much like the Philippines.

    PS - I didn't mean to make it sound like growing bicals is an impossible affair. But you'll probably have an easier time with starter plants indoors where you can control the temperatures without moving the plant. The most important part of Nep growing - according to the methods I've found success with - is to avoid bothering the plants. Conditions should be consistent and the setup should only be changed when the plants are healthy and growing happily. With bicals, you're pretty much assured that the plant will eventually be too big to be grown under lights on your typical rack (unless you kill it.) So why be in a hurry to grow one outside, when it might not be strong enough to handle it? With time you'll need to put it outside, and by then it'll be far better prepared.
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    Well, alrighty then. Thank you very much for your advice. I'll try growing under lights first. And I'll be sure to check Nepenthes Around the House when I have time.

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