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Thread: Spider mites? O hope not!

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    Unhappy Spider mites? O hope not!

    Ok, so after my first month and a week with my plants its safe to say they they are growing well and my new addiction is well established.
    BUT! I think one of my plants has spider mites. I have been looking around and..... well i think they are spider mites. not 100% sure though
    here are 2 pics, i only have a iPhone so this is the best i can do

    Is it hard to treat? Can they spread to my other plants?
    Might i have to shoot it like old yella?

    On a side note I have got the first wave of traps from my plants and they are stunning! It seems that ether feeding them really works well or there is some kind of growth point after which there size increase extensionally. my ventrata vent from 2 inch pictures to just under 4 now.

    little ones

    Big one!

    Thanks for any info.
    Ride safe!
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    It's really hard to tell by the pics. Try taking a white piece of paper and tapping the leaf so what's on the underside will drop onto the paper. Look at the paper in good light, a magnifying glass will help alot. If the dust specks are moving... spidermites. If it does have them you'll have to spray the whole bunch. Other guys have different ways of treating but I keep it simple and nuke the little buggers with Orthene (acephate).

    The plant doesn't look bad though, the last two leaves are pretty nice looking. Maybe it had a rough time getting established in it's new pot ? Possibly too much water in the earlier part of it's life, or not a loose enough soil mix ?
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