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Thread: Wine Refridgerator for Ultra-Highland?

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    What would be really cool is to get one of those door-less soda coolers. They use a sheet of air to keep the cold air in, and warm air out.You could probably put a whole HL terra in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Not a Number View Post
    1) Wine coolers cost more than regular refrigerators
    2) Will they get cool enough? Serving temperatures for wines (depending on the wine) are from 43-66F. Most people store their wines around 55F.

    You'd be better off buying a commercial glass door refrigerator from a store going out of business. The kind used for selling soft drinks or dairy products.

    Given the size that Nepenthes grow to a little dinky 3 shelf wine cooler isn't going to have much capacity.
    Hiya Not A Number-

    1) If anything, I was gonna look at Craigslist and like you mentioned, maybe a restaurant or bar going outta biz for a used one

    2) There are some pop/beverage units out there that will go the 30's . . . Brrrrrrr

    I was just planning for a nice single N. villosa to occupy that beverage/wine cooler. So one of them small 12 bottle jobs should last a couple of years.

    I'm focusing on pop or beverage units now, wine coolers have tinted glass to protect the wine from UV lights.

    Again, this is something I'm just kickin around my hollow head of mine

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