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Thread: Nep help

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottychaos View Post
    (hmm..I just noticed you have a "growing instructions" page..
    you give generally good advice on that page!
    so when it comes to dormancy for VFTs and Sarracenia, why arent you taking your own advice?

    ah! well now I why your advice is so good! its not yours!
    you should probably just delete your "growing instructions" page alltogether..just get rid of it.
    for two reasons:

    1. its not your information! its plagiarized.
    2. If you have been growing CP's for like, a week, you really have no business giving growing instructions..sorry!

    (well..we have probably scared away kgrudz!

    if you are still here..please dont go away!
    ALL of us were beginners..ALL of us started out knoing NOTHING about CP's..
    its fine..we all have to learn.

    everyone here is very concerned about CP's..we all like to make sure they are well cared for and given the best possible conditions to thrive..because they are such awesome plants!
    Yes, you have started out growing your plants poorly..and you have been called on it!
    in great detail!
    thats arent the first, you wont be the last!
    many people start out thinking terrariums are seems "logical" if you dont know otherwise..

    please take the advice offered in this thread, and let us know how your plants are doing!
    and when you have more questions, please ask!


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    thanks a lot guys. at first i was just going for a cool look i guess but now im more into the plants. i plan on going to a gardening store today begin the transformation. I do have some questions
    if i plant them individualy what kind of pots should i use?
    is it okay if i still keep them all in the same terrarium untill spring?
    where can i buy a t5 light ?
    what plants belong outside ?
    and what plants can go about the tray method ?

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    Plastic pots are the easiest. I suggest getting ones that are straight and tall, not tapered, because they hold more media, and hence more water, which means that the hydration of the soil will change more slowly and give your plants more consistent conditions. (Which means less watering and easier care for you.) Darlingtonia like to grow horizontally and can take shallow containers - they'll spread out and make runners as adults. VFTs can take shallower pots in warm conditions, but they don't like to be totally waterlogged in cold and dark winter weather. Or at least, that's my experience with growing in the Pacific NW climate - I use pots about eight inches deep now and have since ceased having wintertime VFT problems. I like rectangular pots because they fit together neatly, which minimizes evaporation from water trays and also protects temperate plants from quick freezes.
    The best place to get pots is the hardware store dumpster, or landscaping projects. Pots from the garden store are overpriced and pretty - your pots are going to be spattered with peat and algae so a nice plain black pot will look as good or better than some flowery fake stonework job from Rite-Aid. (Not to mention, a smooth, plain black plastic pot is easier to wipe down than ceramic or textured plastic.) Nursery pots are what you want - the mass-produced plain black UV-resistant plastic ones. You can find them online in bulk for reasonable prices - a case of 800 little nursery pots costs about as much as a dozen big plain terra cotta pots at Home Depot. But you can also find them discarded at places that have lots of nursery plants.
    For your Nepenthes, you might try using a net pot, like they sell for pond plants, but for your first try I suggest getting a really big one. I put all my adult Neps in net pots that are about ten inches square and seven or eight inches tall. And that's probably the minimum size you should use - I only recently found a source for bigger ones and I'm immediately thinking about which plants I should move up first. I like to do this so that I can leave my plants sitting in a little water. That way they don't dry out as fast, and I don't have to worry as much about overwatering either. In a normal pot, the media might get too waterlogged for most Neps if you left them in water; Neps need airflow to their roots. The net pots let air in through the sides, so you can give constant water through the bottom (but still let the tray dry out between watering.) With net pots, you need to use a sizeable proportion of media that won't compress - stuff like orchid bark, big chunks of perlite, ceramic chips or horticultural charcoal. LFS and peat will compact and decay over time unless they're mixed in with chunky stuff to allow air in. Plants like Sarracenia and VFTs don't mind that at all, but Neps have different expectations.
    I need to go sign papers on a new apartment, but I can't resist the urge to help... best luck!

    PS - I made several threads about shopping around for T5s recently... use the search feature at the top of the page and look for threads started by me. They're all in the terrarium subforum, IIRC.
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    Ok I know, even though i'm a semi-noob, that VFTs and Sarrs belong outside in the summer but depending on where you live in IL (anywhere near the QCA by any chance?) they wouldnt survive our winters directly but maybe the garage or cool basement. ask these guys about temps i wont even pretend to know what they should be but i know 20's is really testing their life. cobra plant i know NOTHING about so i cant answer that. the nep is an indoors plant or warm weather plant. I recommend LIVE long Fiber Sphagnum moss of LFS for short, as a media. A mixture of perlite i have heard works well too. Andy has great media mixtures if you want to check those out on humidity, light, temp, soil moisture play huge parts in the health of your plants. neps are tropical so higher humidity is recommended. also the soil should be moist, not soaking, at all times. As for pots I use plastic and go large to give the plants plenty of room to grow for all my CPs and I think long term. Most CPs have small root balls (i think...not sure) so don't go massive for VFTs. However you can grow sarrs, VFTs and temperate dews can be grown in a single pot as long as roots dont tangle. I would recommend growing those (Sarrs, dews, and VFTs) in a bog like pot. There are several posts that instruct you how to or you can search the net! Experienced growers please feel free to correct any misinformation! I think thats pretty decent with out getting into specific instructions..anybody else?
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