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Thread: Nep growth

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    Nep growth

    Did found some older pics and took some new today and I always like to check the diffrence to see iff they are doing good etc.
    It is the same plant on all pics just diff picture dates, Ventricosa "black peristome" Gracillima.

    09-10-06 - before its planted.

    09-10-06 - same day planted.

    09-12-31 - same plant at later date.

    09-12-31 - same plant with a close up on the biggest pitcher atm.

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    Haha, I was confused by your date format initially. Hooray for being lexically accurate! Are you from Europe or Asia originally? I don't often see dates in big-endian order in America English.
    Very nice plant - not bad at all for a little under three months' growing. I'm fond of the one in Sphagnum - love the look of a Nep in live moss.
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