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Thread: Do ventricosa Pitchers Just Turn Black and Die?

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    Do ventricosa Pitchers Just Turn Black and Die?

    I've had a ventricosa for maybe a year now, and it wasn't doing well after first coming out of the death cube, but I repotted it and put it up in a south-facing glass block window in my basement. It'd been loving it up there, putting out about 6 pitchers so far, keeps pumping out new ones, too. I noticed the other day that the older pitchers are turning black, starting at the top. Is this normal? Or is the winter sun, sometimes magnified through the glass block, too much for it? They've never eaten anything.

    This has to be normal, right? The oldest pitchers are a few months old. I mean, when you see a healthy adult nep, you don't still see the baby pitchers on there....

    Tell me I'm not doing anything wrong. :-\

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    That sounds about right. Older pitchers do start to dry out from the top on down. Mine turn brown at the top and slowly dry their way down the pitcher body. The pitchers continue to digest their contents even though the tops are drying off. You can keep your pitchers around for a longer period of time if you add water to the pitchers. The plant will regulate the fluid level in the pitchers, and fluid levels will drop through either evaporation or plant absortion.

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