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Thread: N. Ovata growing question

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    N. Ovata growing question

    I have ordered this plant by mistake actually, I wouldn't have gotten it if I had read that it was an epiphytic plant. So now I need to know exactly what to do with it. What should I do for soil?

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    i dont think it will be too much to fret over. i'd give it a nice 1:1:1 LFS, bark, and perlite mix treat it like any other nep. make sure the media is airy and lose, not too compressed. i've always kept LFS wrapped around the roots and then placed that into the rest of the media.
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    yep ... bout the same as i mentioned on your FB page
    again it is a very picky plant IMO .. be sure too keep it cool it will refuse to pitcher if temps are too high .an loves a wetter media


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    mine is in a mix of LSF and APS.....very hardy and care free......likes to pout for a month when conditions change......doesnt matter if conditions get better or worse mine goes into suspended animation for 4-6 weeks and than picks back up where it left off.....only real complaint about it is when it starts to vine it doesnt seem to want to pitcher......the lower and basal pitchers are great though......think of a purple/black veitchii without the fuzz.....
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