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Thread: N.klossi in propagation?

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    @swords: i agree---it happens that the CP community is very much into the wine goblet figure these days. once when we move on to a different type of elaborate form, all of the sudden, new neps will appear on the market catering to that demand. hahahaha.

    @thez_yo: you have it? well in case if you do decide to give it away, you can give it to me
    " You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." -Inigo Montoya
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    N. pitopangii is THE realm of impossible plant to get I think at the moment. If there were klossi being sold I would probably think about getting one really quickly. I wouldn't mind seeing N. naga, N. attenboroughii or N. pitopangii.

    I am glad that edwardsiana is finally in "mainstream" cultivation.
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    I am still looking forward to the day when more edwardsina is available. I mean there are enough seed grown individuals around now which are probably in the same age group. I think it is critical to free-dry and save edwarsdiana pollen and fertilize it with any female eddies out there to produce species seed of this species in cultivation. Yeah, hybrids with hamata/villosa might be enticing, but propogating this species in cultivation to self-sufficiently meet cultivation demands will represent a milestone in nepenthes cultivation. If I had a male and female, you could bet on your life that I would do that. Who wouldn't? The very thought of producing more seed in cultivation to increase the clone availability and perhaps refresh TC stocks is enough to please both collectors/begineers and meet their demands.

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