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Thread: watering frequency & mix used

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    watering frequency & mix used

    I use a 2/3 cocohusk, 1/3 lfs, and a handful of perlite sometimes mixture (I try to aim for 3/4 cocohusk, 1/4 lfs but somehow it just doesn't work out) for my neps, and their mix is pretty much crispy on top by the end of the week, though I think it's kind of moist in the middle of the pot. I end up watering once a week because I'm afraid of root rot/fungus attacks, but I think I may be not watering enough. I'm thinking of going to twice a week or every 5 days, and am finally investing in some humidity/drip trays that I'll be attaching some piping to, as drain-trays. This way I don't have to water over the sink/tub/outside, and can just circulate the water around a few times in the plants instead of it just draining into the grass/down the drain (I use 0ppm RO).

    I *won't* be misting the plants at all and I think my humidity is pretty low (cheap meter says 70% but I don't trust it), but it would be nice to know if you do (or if your humidity is just high). I'm thinking of watering the Phals/Cats/Paphs 2X a week too - they're all in bark/perlite/charcoal mixes without any lfs in it (good idea? bad idea?).

    Long story short: what's your mix, and how often do you water it?

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    My mix depends on the nep, but usually contains pine mulch, lava rock, charcoal, and a little peat. Some plants are in live LFS. Watering depends on humidity, stuff in LFS almot never needs water, I just heavily mist the top of the moss every day and that is about it. Stuff in the other mix gets watered about once a week, the ones I keep as hous plants get watered 3 times a week.
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