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Thread: Lighting question

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    Lighting question

    I have an unknown nep given to me by Nepenthes last year, well it was already fairly large and vine like, and now its gotta be about 5ft tall with huge gaps between each leaf growth, and its still in its original 4" pot.

    I know this is due to insufficient lighting, but it has pitchered a couple times, would you suggest cutting it up and try to root multiple cuttings out of it, or maybe try to improve lighting conditions (but that might make it top heavy?)

    Generally when neps get too lengthy and vine like what is the consensus? chop it up or leave it as is with better conditions?

    I think with my growing area since its a east facing window and next door is a 2 story house it gets great sun from now through summer and during the winter the sun moves south and is blocked by the 2 story next door so the neps typically vine out.

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    Large space between leaves may not mean insufficient lighting. A vining plant generally has large internodes, the space between leaves. Look at the coloration of the pitchers and leaves. Pale coloration there indicates a lack of light. I generally don't cut up my neps. If any side shoots appear I would cut those before the main vine.

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