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Thread: So I got a shipment of plants today...

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    Hey guys,
    Not my intention to tag/label/stamp anyone here if someone is implying was just a rare observation of mine. Chris, you don't have to apologize for anything. This is mostly a beginner forum (like or not) so feel free to post and comment on anything....but do it in a responsible manner. Personally i'm a bit tired of the "i read in a book" kind of advice ratter that one given from growing experience ....but that's just me (not referring to this thread).
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    The plant doesnt look that bad,very nice red leaves for a maxima! if you have optimal conditions it shouldnt be a problem, otherwise keep it in high humidity and leave it to recover.
    I grow my plants outdoors and sometimes it takes then up to half a year b4 they start growing again. But when they do they just take off and grow crazy fast!
    Ived rescued alotta plants i dont have yet from nurseries - well at a discounted price .

    Well ive had worst then you imagine a $390 plant order going missing in the post!! I was lucky the vendor was nice enough to send me a replacement!

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