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Thread: Breeding pair of Truncata x Veitchii H/L's

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    Breeding pair of Truncata x Veitchii H/L's

    Hello all. I received a wonderful rooted cutting in the mail today of a Female Truncata x Veitchii H/L. I also have a Male Truncata x Veitchii H/L. its going to be awesome when I'm able to make some seed grown Truncata x Veitchii H/L plants.

    Heres the Female Truncata x Veitchii H/L

    Here they both are growing close together.

    For those of you who dont know what else I have to mix with this Female Truncata x Veitchii H/L. My other best known males are the following.

    Northiana x Veitchii H/L
    Mixta x Maxima x Veitchii x Northiana x Veitchii
    Spectabilis x Veitchii H/L
    Eymae x Veitchii H/L
    Nepenthes xVelvet
    Thorelii x Rafflesiana sing. x Talangensis x Inermis

    And of course my Male Truncata x Veitchii H/L

    So be looking forward to some awesome new hybrids in the upcoming future. Hopefully by this flowering season. Should be some very promising new hybrids.

    Also note that I have the Female Truncata x Aristo and Female Tenuis to do some hybrids with these males.

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    Cool! I guess that'll be as close to an f2 hybrid as you can get with Nepenthes?

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