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Thread: Time To Feed The Addiction / Looking 4 Suggestions

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    Time To Feed The Addiction / Looking 4 Suggestions

    Looking for suggestions for some new Neps
    Looking for ones that'll do good in my outdoor growing environment/set up {see below}

    Just posted my grow list, so that should give you an idea of what grows good here

    Looking for something that gets big & showy with nice big colorful pitcher

    Getting ready to order a N. Black Knight off eBay
    Burbidgeae is another one I'd like to add to my list one day soon

    Don't mind spending $$ on plants
    Just hate spending $$ on plants that are going to die & trial & error can get pricey / LOL

    Below is some info that might help & you can see pics of my set up at~
    {Should be up dating it with new pics soon}



    I grow outdoors in a basic greenhouse set up / Frame & cover / No heating or cooling or fans or anything like that
    I leave the front flap open so it gets good air circulation {if I don't it gets to hot in there}
    Mist/Spray the whole thing down 2 to 3 times a day & the floor is covered in bark so the humidity stays high

    I'm in Sunny SoCal / Z10

    Basic temps~
    Summer 80s to 90s
    Might have a few triple digit days, but it's really rare
    Usually stays in the mid 80s to low mid 90s at the hottest

    Winter 50s - 40s / Usually mid 50s to high 40s to mid to low 40s
    Will occasionally drop in to the high 30s at night but that's pretty rare
    Coldest part of winter at night
    For the most part days in the 60s

    Most of the year it stays in the mid 70s to low/mid 80s range
    Not to far from the beach so it doesn't get to bad here

    They get good morning & late afternoon / evening sun

    Highlanders do good / Lowlanders always seem to die on me
    Seems like {my} HL can take the heat better than LL can take the cold

    If you have any suggestions for any Neps that "Should" do good & thrive in my growing environment I would love to hear them

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    Truncata, stenophylla, and eymae should all do well in those conditions. Nepthenesaroundthehouse grows a bunch of neps outdoors in cali. Check out his website if you want more species ideas.

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    I grow most of my neps outdoors. My summer temperatures are generally MUCH cooler though, as I am close enough to the coast to get May gray and June gloom. It really doesn't start heating up here until July. I don't have a misting system either so the humidity is all over the place especially when the Santa Anas blow. These are some of the ones that have done well for me and have gone through at least one winter outside:

    burbidgeae x edwardsiana
    lowii x ventricosa red
    maxima Tinombala
    maxima Tlatawiran
    maxima x veitchii
    rajah (pitchers erratically)
    spathulata x spectabilis
    spectabilis x mira
    spectabilis x veitchii
    truncata Pasian highland (grows much better in my greenhouse though)
    x ventrata
    ventricosa x talangensis
    Madag ki alilid


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    Truncata, N.miranda, and most forms of alata and maxima.
    Some days it just isn't worth chewing thru the restraints.

    My growlist:

    Video of my birth

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    Thanx Guys For The Input
    It Will Help When I'm Looking For New Plants

    Thanx Again

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