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Thread: Spectricosa question

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    Spectricosa question

    Does anybody who has a Spec x Vent recall the picthers it made when it was a youngling?

    Mine will color and splotch up like it's dad and I have some peristome variegation, but I can't get any of the red of the mother...

    Is this just a phase or do I just have a green variant of this hybrid? I'm sure the hybrid was BE stock at one point in time.

    I'm not sure if it's a lighting thing. I'm runnin 2x23w CFL's and a 105w directly overhead... all 5000k and 8 inches above the plants in a 2x2ft area. The inside of my closet is white too and the closet door is backed with some fairly reflective tape.

    It's a fairly large plant now, but it's still young so could it be that the adult pitchers are the ones I'm looking for or do I have an ugly duckling?
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    Varying your light spectrum might help. I believe that high color temperatures encourage anthocyanin production, as its typical use is to absorb the UV spectra present in bluish light. But you're already on the higher side, so... who knows. If it's a seed-grown plant it could well just be on the greener side.
    I've had plenty of plants that switched pigmentation as they aged. You should love it no matter what color it is! :P
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    This cross has been made with "normal" ventricosa as well as the red form. My guess is you got the"normal" cross.
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