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Thread: Do basals ususally have roots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millipede View Post

    bigbella: thanks for that tip. my sanguinea has had some basals for almost a year and no roots yet. ill try stacking some soil over the base and see what happens

    You may want to wrap a bit of sphagnum moss around or near the basal and attach it with twine or a rubber band -- without raising the compost level, unless it's very close to the base; that's always worked for me and further encourages rooting . . .
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    And Zero, I've had basals once on my now dead miranda and I treated them as cuttings and had success.

    good luck!
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    Alrighty then... topic has been cleaned of all personal comments. As a reminder there is an ignore function that any member is encouraged to use to block the posts of a particular member as necessary.

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