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Thread: Midnight Pitchers

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    Midnight Pitchers

    Well I had a crazy day at work and didnt get home till about... say 11:30 but the plants still looked amazing even in darkness.

    So lets start off with some Truncatas and Truncata hybrids
    (Ventricosa x Sibuyanensis) x Truncata

    Truncata x Sibuyanensis

    Truncata "Lowland"

    Not a great pic but a nice Truncata "Pasion"

    Truncata x Ventricosa B-day present! Cant thank you enough!!!

    Truncata x (Ventricosa x Aristo)

    Truncata x Ephipiata

    Izumea x Truncata

    Now for Neps other then Truncatas...
    A AMAZING N. Veitchii H/L Striped

    A nice little N. Glabrata

    Venticosa x Lowii

    A cute little N. Ventrata basal pitcher

    A freshly opened upper on a Spathulata x Maxima

    Bad pic but nice plant, N. Tentaculata

    Nice little N. Copenandii

    Any ideas what I should put in the POTM?

    Also if you guys are getting tired of me posting pics please let me know and ill try to retain myself. lol

    Thanks for lookin!
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    How come I never get birthday presents like that? o.O
    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
    Plant List ; blog

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    Awesome plants!

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    I wish I could get ANY CP from my birthday. Even a Capensis or something. I'm going to Vegas, though. Anyways, congrats on the awesome plants.
    -just burned your snow

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