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Thread: N. Inermis cultivation

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    N. Inermis cultivation

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone have any growing tips for Nepenthes Inermis? Mine has finally arrived on the east coast and is on it's way via USPS to California! It's been 3 months since I ordered the little guy.

    Anyway, is anyone out there having success with this ultra highland? And if so, can you post your growing conditions?


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    I almost killed my inermis because I didn't have it drop into the low 60's/high 50's at night. I got a dubia after giving the inermis away and it almost died again because of insufficient temp drops, so now the dubia lives outside (instead of inside) in San Diego and is doing great. Dubia's from a little higher than inermis from what I hear. 70's during the day, low 60's to high 50's at night, unfiltered San Diego sun from ~3:30PM til sunset, watering every 5ish days with ambient San Diego humidity.

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