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Thread: Coffee Fert Pls if possible no links

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentosaurs View Post
    Like the thread says if possible no links cause i've read most of it.

    Anyway I'm a kid which doesn't drink coffee first of all so i have 0 idea or knowing basically nothing about coffee. As far as i've read it seems simple just taking cold/old cup of coffee and watering the soil of the plant/nep.

    One qiestion is when u say black coffee does it have to be the beans itself made into coffee(is that possible?) Or do i buy those ready made coffee powder without cream and sugar? If its the latter, i have another question, aren't these ready coffee powder mixed something else which might harm the plant or anything maybe oil or something ( i really don't know ) or they dont mix anything into the powder
    The "regular made powder" is instant coffee. Most of the good stuff is taken out of that, so that's not what you want. You want brewed coffee, coffee made from the whole bean ground and then filtered through hot water. If your parents don't drink regular brewed, just get a cup of black from starbucks or Mcdonalds of something, I don't think they add too much junk to it. Some people also dilute the coffee, but I don't know about that. Others only make the coffee with distilled water, thought I doubt a once every three month watering would be any cause for concern.

    This thread might help you: Edit: No! No links!
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    Go to Starbucks and ask if they have used grounds for mulch. They usually keep bags around and give them away free to customers as a courtesy. If there's no Starbucks nearby, try another upscale chain (don't know if you have Coffee People in your area) or just a foo-fah coffee place that has a merchandise section (like coffee makers and other gadgets and stuff.) A place that has sit-down customers is more likely to offer grounds for mulch than a drive-through coffee stand.
    Mix a heaping cup of old grounds with a gallon or so of boiling water and let it simmer for a little while, then strain the liquid off into another container and let it cool. It's OK if a little bit of the grounds gets in, but you don't want a lot because even after being brewed twice there's still a lot of nutrients in there. Don't save the used grounds long because it's an ideal media for fungus when wet, which it pretty much always is as far as I can tell.
    Once your coffee muck has cooled to room temperature you can water with it. Since I make big batches at a time and leave them to boil until they become a fairly concentrated sludge, I'll usually dilute it until it's watery-thin and slightly clearer than coffee (that is, you can see all the way through a cup of it but it's still got a distinctive brown color.) I think silence is correct that instant coffee is inappropriate. Many of them contain flavorings that I'm not so sure about. A bag of used grounds from Starbucks might have some flavored coffee in there, but the flavors were probably added at roasting and are less likely to be artificial than in an instant coffee powder. Besides which, used grounds are free and you get them in such a quantity that you'll have plenty to experiment with; at my local place they usually have them in portions of a gallon or more, which is more than I need for all my Neps and other houseplants that appreciate fertilization.
    As for fertilizing pitchers rather than the media, I'm not sure. I usually give it to the media, but this time around I have several plants with large pitchers on them so I think I'll try a half-teaspoon or so in a few and see how they react.
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    I think you are all missing the point,

    The original poster should start drinking coffee as soon as possible. Preferably around his parents. Just kidding. The Caffeine doesn't do anything to speed up growth, but coffee is full of Nitrogen.

    I promise, though. Fertilizing is no difficult or dangerous if you follow the instructions of others. Just dilute the dose. Not risky. If you can divide by two or four, then you can fertilize

    I have thought about using coffee... But fertilizer is more standardized. A pot of coffee that I make is made with five heaping scoops of grounds. Another person might make coffee half that strong... So should I dilute mine by four or two or keep it straight? Tats rhetorical since I don't use coffee, but something to consider. But I doubt it matters anyway... It's just seed water.

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