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Thread: first pitcher opening up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srduggins View Post
    And I would keep it far away from sphagnum. Is that a peat moss mix it is in? I wouldn't use peat moss either.

    Too late.
    Hey Steve, What kind of substrate would you actually recommend then?
    Good growing, Jack
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    The question of substrate is a highly individual one. It depends on many factors, such as lighting, humidity, how often you water, what types of extremes you need to overcome, etc.

    I use cedar bark mulch, medium orchid bark, pumice in equal ratios with a little charcoal mixed in (<10%).

    I hate repotting plants grown in sphagnum, because, inevitably, under my conditions, the sphagnum begins to break down and get sloppy and I end up spraying the root ball with my garden hose to remove as much of the mush as possible and end up loosing some roots too.
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    Looks like it finally settled in. You'll be hooked in no time... buahahahahaha!
    Indeed. Most indeededly. Phillip J. Frye

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