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Thread: Lots of pics!

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    Great cultivation job!

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    N. mirabilsi (m) as requested

    N. hookeriana 'dark giant' I will definitely post pics once this monster opens up!

    N. veitchii H/L x eymae, I was planning on selling this one, but I am really starting to like it!

    N. bicalcarata 'Sarawak giant', starting to make teeth, but no red yet...

    N. maxima x merrilliana, deceptively small...

    N. spectabilis x truncata 'tristans', growing quite quickly and already starting to develop a striped peristome and speckles.

    And some obligatory vikings:

    N. viking 'pear', I suspect that this may be a hybrid since I haven't seen any other forms that have such a deep colored peristome with a green body.

    N. viking, getting some nice color finally. Maybe one day, we will figure out the waxy red mystery.

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    love your neps. thanks again for all the work on the pics. , and getting them loaded.

    ---------- Post added at 09:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:56 PM ----------

    and by the way thanks for the new shots on the N. mirabilsi (m) , its soooo cool, cant tell where the leaf stops ant the pitcher starts.

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