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Thread: Pics (DUW)

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    Pics (DUW)

    New pics of what caught my eye when I walked into the GH after work...
    Truncata x Ventricosa

    Ventricosa x TM (From Dom Gravine...)


    Hamata Clone 2

    Sib x Truncata a bit more colored up...

    Maxima x Talan

    Truncata x (Ventricosa x Tiveii) Chillin between two pots wich made it really hard to get a pic of.. lol

    Glabrata cluster...

    Ventricosa x TM

    Truncata x Spectabilis I got in a trade.

    N. Gothica

    Truncata x Ventricosa

    Lowii x Campanulata.... I am a little angry because The pitcher following this one was more then double its size but it decided to inflate between two pots... So when I pulled it out to get a pic the pitcher snapped off... :'( :'( :'(

    Not that great but a Truncata H/L

    N. Maxima (Female)

    Vent x (Talan x Carunculata)

    N. Maxima x (Tuncata x Veitchii) Flower. Looks male to me...

    Baby Lowii x Spectabilis pitcher..

    Truncata x Ephipiata

    N. Talangensis hanging in the Spangnum

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    Wow, super awesome pictures of pitchers. Thanks for sharing!

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    I think I finally figured what DUW means!

    ---------- Post added at 05:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:34 PM ----------

    I think I finally figured what DUW means! 10 minutes later...

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