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Thread: Over Winter Indoor Setup / What Do You Think

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    Question Over Winter Indoor Setup / What Do You Think

    I started growing Neps on my window sill & moved them outdoors as my collection grew & finally to a basic greenhouse
    But have never grown Neps indoors under lights
    {All My Plants Are High Landers}

    Never really had any problems growing outdoors year round other than one year when some plants got some bad cold burn damage on their leaves but they all recovered / Didn't lose any / I have plants that have been growing outdoors for 5 to 7 years now
    {I Live In SoCal}

    But this has been one of the coldest summers I can remember / We've barely had a hand full of days that got in to the 80s this year
    Last weeks highs were 67 - 71 in the day / Normally this time of year we would be in the mid to high 80 to low mid 90s
    Got that feeling that we're going to have a cold winter this year so I want to get prepared just in case we do
    Worried about some of newer & smaller plants

    How does this sound???

    I'm looking at setting up an old display case that I use to use as a breeder tank
    It's 5ft long / 2ft wide / 20in. high
    Glass front & sides / Currently has a plywood back but planning on replacing the wood with Styrofoam
    A raised rack on the bottom
    A plastic container of water with an ultrasonic mister to keep the humidity up
    Open top
    Lights ~ I have 2 4ft shop lights with 1 Philips 40w T12 Daylight bulb {6500K} & 1 40w Wide Spec Aquarium/Plant bulb in each
    Planing on heating the room with a small room heater as need

    I don't have it set up yet or I would post some pics

    Was wondering if that sounds like it would work or if anyone has any suggestions before I start putting everything together

    A few question I have

    *Is 4 4ft fluorescents good for a 5ft set up???
    To much / Not enough???

    *How long should the lights be on / 14 to 16 hours a day???

    ***Problems I Might Have Moving Outdoor Plants Indoors***

    *Anything I'm forgeting???

    Any input/help would be greatly appreciated
    Like I said this will be the 1st time I'll be trying to grow Neps indoors under lights & would hate to lose any because I did something wrong or dumb

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    awww you got me worried now DC...
    BTW I like that pot your ventrata is in from your pics.

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