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Thread: sphag and windowsill neps

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    Learn from dashman! That's a neat trick having the pot be bigger than the substrate, I'll have to try it sometime. But yeah keeping Sphagnum moss alive in the house is not impossible but you do have to mist it pretty much every day. So it is pretty intensive.

    Whether alive or not though, you can never go wrong with sphagnum moss!
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    It took alot of trial and error and repotting. Some of my neps cringe when I walk into the room. I just know it.

    This same method works well with nep seedlings too. Minus the live sphagnum to choke them out.

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    Yeah, that's what I am doing. My N.mikei is growing outdoor, enjoying the direct sunlight from the morning to the noon and then bright shade in the rest of the day. The moss layer in that pot is 2inch thick. Here is the pic:

    I water it every morning and mist several times a day.

    Quote Originally Posted by dashman View Post
    It's not impossible. I grow all of my neps indoors without any special enclosure and many of them have sphagnum growing in the pots.

    What I have found works well is to use a larger than normal pot. Fill the pot about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way with media of LFS and perlite and then top dress with sphagnum. The walls of the pot help keep the humidity close to the sphaghnum and it grows well like this. Misting the spaghnum regularly helps in household conditions to avoid dryout.

    When I potted this one. I added only a clump or two of Sphagnum. After a few months. The sphagnum had grown up to meet the edge of the pot. Any strand that strayed too far from the lip would dry up.
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    Thanks folks, think I'll give the larger pot idea a try
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