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Thread: n lowii rescue

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    n lowii rescue

    some months back I made a trade and got N. lowii from a member who was hoping i could save it and get it growing , when I got it the growth tip was even broken, and it was very small say 1 to two inches across the longest two leaves, no pitchers and no hint of them at the tips.
    it is now starting to grow pretty well and has begun making pitchers , Question, How many growth points is ok for this small of a plant? should I break some of them back so the main stem can get more of the energy the plant is putting out? It has a mass of what looks like two or three growths at the main growth tip , and is starting a basal. And is this the way lowii grows?

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    Just let it grow!

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    I agree, let it grow and the plant will regulate itself and grow at the points it wants to.
    It won't grow so much in so many places that it will wear itself out.

    I have a Nep that has a whole mess of growth points.
    I assume it did that because it didn't like where I put it,
    or that it really loves where I did!
    but growth is growth, and so I am letting it decide what it wants to do next.
    So long as it isn't dieing, it is growing!

    VERY nice to see something different!
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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