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Thread: Splitting a double growth point plant

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    Quote Originally Posted by calng424 View Post
    I did that to my northiana and both died..
    Oh no. 8-| Well then maybe I shouldn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by justjack View Post
    The way to reposition is to re-pot or simply turn the plant/container on it's side. This allows light to reach the smaller point. the larger point will survive and start to grow upward while the smaller gets the boost it needs. You can also wrap the smaller point in some fresh sphagnum to encourage that root bud to keep developing.

    This is sounding like a better idea. Maybe I will just grow it out as is, and let it develop the roots some more. I don't know why I just felt compelled to hack it in half.
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    The lure of the dark side, I mean, having more plants is great. Use the force or something.
    Good growing, Jack
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