Hi there,

I keep both plants successfully in the following conditions: 25-30 C, 80-100% humidity, custom mixture of sphagnum+sand+peat+perlite, 400 W metal halide lighting. I agree that too little lighting may be the problem here, even 60 W may not suffice. The problem here is that while LL Nepenthes demand a lot of light, they don't welcome the extra heat. If you want to avoid burning your plants, place a thin sheet of glass between the lamps and the plants. This will absorb UV and keep off the extra-heated air.

I don't think all your plants are dead yet. When my N. bilcalcatratas first arrived, I assumed they were going to die. They looked brownish with black tips. It took a few months for them to adapt, not to mention the correct lighting. Here, compare and contrast the Nepenthes in these pictures:

The brownish, pitcherless plants in the first picture are N. bicalcatrata. Don't throw away plants unless you're absolutely positive that they're dead. I'm not an experienced keeper, but I hope I can help.