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Thread: What happened to my Neps?

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    I say keep constant temps around 25-28C, and increase the lights, and look for pests. I'm kinda wanting to say there are some sort of pests, since I'm seeing some good live sphagnum. Usually, health live LFS is a good indicator of whether or not plants will be happy, which makes me really surprised to see nearly dead plants and healthy LFS.

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    Thanks for trying to help guys.
    Do they all look nearly dead, or does one look dead? is there any hope for the all brown amp that has no green left on it?
    I might up the lighting then, there are some small springtails in the tank but I was told they are harmless, and some of the sphagnum has been added recently to try to help the plants.

    I am a little worried about increasing the light, the lid that holds two bulbs is much lower and closer to the plants, so am I better off leaving them with one?
    Is there anything else I can do to try to help these plants.

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    Hi there,

    I keep both plants successfully in the following conditions: 25-30 C, 80-100% humidity, custom mixture of sphagnum+sand+peat+perlite, 400 W metal halide lighting. I agree that too little lighting may be the problem here, even 60 W may not suffice. The problem here is that while LL Nepenthes demand a lot of light, they don't welcome the extra heat. If you want to avoid burning your plants, place a thin sheet of glass between the lamps and the plants. This will absorb UV and keep off the extra-heated air.

    I don't think all your plants are dead yet. When my N. bilcalcatratas first arrived, I assumed they were going to die. They looked brownish with black tips. It took a few months for them to adapt, not to mention the correct lighting. Here, compare and contrast the Nepenthes in these pictures:

    The brownish, pitcherless plants in the first picture are N. bicalcatrata. Don't throw away plants unless you're absolutely positive that they're dead. I'm not an experienced keeper, but I hope I can help.

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