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Thread: Nepenthes Sanguinea Pitcher Variation

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    Nepenthes Sanguinea Pitcher Variation

    Hello guys! I am just wondering if those who grow sanguinea experience "unusual" pitchers like I do. I'm not totally sure if they are normal or not, but all the photos I've seen online look different than mine I bought the plant almost a year ago from "Tony" and so I know for sure that it is a sanguinea

    Here are some of the pitchers I am refering to:

    This is the second largest pitcher on my plant. It's opening and shape is slightly larger than the rest of my current pitchers. Also, notice the small lid(all other lids except for one other pitcher looks like this one).

    This is the newest, fully-developed pitcher; however, is slightly more "thinner" and the lip and opening is more normal to other sanguinea pitchers. The lid on this pitcher is also much larger.

    This is the newest developing pitcher on my plant. This pitcher is already showing a very tiny lid.

    As I said before, I am not sure if this is normal for nepenthes sanguinea but I just was curious if other sanguinea do this or if this is a sign that I need to water more or something. My plant is thriving right now so Either way, I must be doing something right

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    No can say plant vendors, so it'd be better to just say Tony.
    I want a sanguinea... too bad I'm always too slow for Andy's store!

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