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Thread: Misc. Pitcher Pics

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    cyclopse Misc. Pitcher Pics

    Well this be the {outdoor} season for me here in SoCal
    Misty mornings / Warm sunny days & Cool nights
    The time of year my Neps start taking off

    Here's some random pitcher pics / Some of them aren't the best / But hey / I was bored / LOL

    Exotic Lady {Maxima x Talangensis} / One of my fav. Pitcher / If anyone has a N. Lady Pauline Avail. Please Hit Me Up

    Black Knight {Ventricosa X Ramispina} / Love the maroon leaves on this one

    Lowii X Campanulata / 4th pitcher since I've had it / Already getting dark / One of the ones I can't wait for to get big

    Red Leopard {Ventricosa X Maxima} / Basal shoot pitcher / Putting up basals like crazy

    Marbled Dragon {Maxima X Truncata ???} / EP

    Maxima X Trusmadiensis {Lowii X Macrophylla}

    Ventricosa X Pectinata

    Miranda / From a cutting from a 3/4s dead plant a fried gave me that I tried to save

    Sibuyanensis X Ventricosa

    Sanguinea / Basal shoot pitcher / Talk about small lid syndrome / LOL

    If that didn't bore you I have a ton more pics posted at

    Hope you enjoyed / Comments welcome


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    You have a duck?! I love the duck! That's the best random photobomb in the world!

    Those are some marvelous pitchers, too!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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