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I believe the correct intro would be here HE is rather than she . Unless female flowers of this species are suddenly round that is....
Nice plants man
I can see why your saying that, male flowers are usually tightly packed though, females usually very sparsely packed, the shape of each individual flower may not show until later, anyway well see.

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Is that N. stenophylla growing on a windowsill?

Nice plants.
Its in a conservatory windowsill, with a bigger temp fluctuation than the house.

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Yay, I have a BE no 1 (Michael's getting a piece too) and I just love it, it's a truly amazing plant. And so are your other put-me-to-shame plants.
BE no 1 is a fantastic species and not difficult at all, my current favourite.

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My favourite steno photo from last year, just love this species....