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Thread: Tray for Nep Seeds

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    Tray for Nep Seeds

    So my last few Nep seed attempts have been made in small plastic deli containers...with very mixed results.
    I would like to get higher and more frequent germination, and have seen many people using small seedling greenhouse trays.
    My question:
    I have 6 types on nepenthes seed coming soon. My local lowes has a 3 packs of seed trays for like $9. These are probably 2 foot long or so and maybe 9 inches wide, with humidity domes and tray inserts for each. I would like to get the pack since I could also switch watering my neps to the tray method with one or two of them.
    However, If I plant all 6 types of seed in one tray, I don't want to risk mold getting all of them. Is this a valid concern? any advice on using a tray for nep seeds? I would probably use microwaved shredded LFS.
    Thanks in advance, everyone here is always so great!

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    I recommend a tank sealed with a fan in it. Pipe in humidity from an ultra sonic humidifier and lights on top with 16-18 hour photo period. I molded in plastic bags. But the air movement in my tank from a pc fan kept the mold at bay. Had always high humidity and now I have baby ventricosa.

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    I have heard of people having luck with those domes though. I'm just worried about mold myself.
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    I would initially sterilize your compost for a few minutes in a microwave prior to its use (obviously after cooling); and the addition of granular or liquid Trichoderma to the mix prior to planting works well at keeping pathogens at bay.

    Most of my seedlings are in pots, sealed within zip-lock bags . . .
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