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Thread: How to Acclimate Nepenthes to Greenhouse?

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    How to Acclimate Nepenthes to Greenhouse?

    My Nepenthes are spoiled... 80% humidity day, 90% or higher humidity night in my terrarium. They're used to a steady temperature of around 74F-76F during the day and 64F-66F at night. So they're basically living in their own perfect little world where nothing bad can happen... Until now.

    I'll set the heater this weekend when its in the 50s at night or in the morning. I'll just keep the heater set to 50F to keep the neps warm at night. It stays around 70F on a 60F day with the door half open. With the swamp cooler, I should be able to keep the humidity pretty high during the day and the air pretty cool, between 70F-80F. Shade cloth is 50% and will be applied to both sides of the roof and the two long sides. This should help keep it cool as well.

    Once I figure out the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse throughout the day with the heater, swamp cooler and shade cloth, I'll start adding neps. What is the best way to acclimate them? I have them under like 40w of light right now, T5 and T12 fixtures. Will they be okay going straight into the 50% shade? The greenhouse is in bright shade most of the day and in sun for about two to three hours throughout the day at various times. What about the humidity? Daytime humidity right now is about 80% in the terrarium, nighttime humidity is 90%. Will they be okay in 40% daytime humidity if it goes to 80% or 90% at night? If I need to acclimate them to humidity, was is the best way to do this?

    Any other tips about acclimating them to the conditions and/or hardening them off?

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    Start by exposing the plants to a few hours of sunlight per day, preferrably during early morning of very very late in the day. Then increase the time, exposure & duration SLOWLY every few days or more.
    Burning some plants isn't a problem, however sun-burning your Neps & some other plants can really set them back & even kill them.

    Taking your time at this point is well worth the patience & effort. Things will get easier, however this point of transition is where your plants need you the most.
    Don't let them down!

    Good luck.
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    The Low humidity durring the day could really shock them. You'll want to acclimate them. even after the initial acclimation process (below) they may still take some months to FULLy acclimate, at least in my experience. In the case of having high humidity at night, I'm sure that will help , but they will probably still need to be acclimated.

    Over a couple week period (at least) open you turrarium lid (assuming it has a lid of some sort?) gradually until you achieve a similar humidity as what you will have in the greenhouse durring the day. Start with just a cm or so wide crack and open it up by 1cm-1inch every several days or every week until you reach that humidity range. Keep and eye on them and adjust the speed of the process accordingly.
    Good luck!
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