As a reminder - voting here:

and please be mindful of mass's wishes that you not vote on his entry, though I've kept it as a pretty picture for the picture-roll:
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I missed those results. I withdraw my entry..
---the competition:---

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bah, and to actually contribute to the topic at hand, N. jacquelineae:

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In keeping with the spirit of the thread ...
N. argentii

The lid 'stuck' for a while so when it did finally open, it went higher than usual.

Here's a bit more of a closeup of the under-lid teeth (still not 'mature' but I think they're inching their way up the lid - maybe)
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BLAH BLAH some teeth. N.hamata (please ignore the photobombing alata on the right, he's a jerk, and I'll get a nicer one without him later)

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Someone entered one of these fairly recently but this pitcher caught me as quite striking..

N. Inermis x Bongso

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Zu wants to embarrass me apparently.... She insisted I add a pitcher to this contest, not caring that my plants recently went through a lot (Neps specifically) with the move... So I went out, and tried to find a pitcher at least sorta worth adding... Here is what I came up with. (Oh, and I suck at taking fancy photos too...)
N. clipeata x ventricosa

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well I rarely post a pic of my pitiful neps.... (I have two LOL, and nooooooooo I dont want anymore )

taken a few mins ago, it gets pitiful lighting but its still pretty me thinks

royal truncata :P

see Zu i do know what a nep is ;-)
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OK, so, my N. Song of Melancholy is finally legit to enter this month.
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How about this... Will get a better pic with my camera in a few days, this is from my phone... The latest from my N. lowii x truncata Wide Peristome seed grown from EP

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N. Lowii x Ventricosa

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Sure why not. N. 'Song of Melancholy'

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Oh sure, why not....

The pitcher on the right is my entry.

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N. edwardsiana



[IMG] http://*******[/IMG]
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1st time doing this, my vent x ephippata

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Finally I have had these guys for over 6 months.

So here's an entry instead of just inane debating.

N. eymae x ephippiata

Just for fun, I was dinking around and accidentally took this picture.

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Tough competition this month. Keep up the good work! I don't browse the forums as much while at school but I always make time to at least check out the POTM thread. It's really inspiring. So many skilled growers!

Here's my entry:

N Robcantleyi
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Here is my entry. Just an ordinary nep but is a simply beautiful one in my collection.

N. talangensis

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ventricosa x hamata