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Why does your's look so good?!
Cuz I'm mean to her, and apparently she likes that sort of thing
Seriously, I don't do anything special.....however, it is worth noting that I did build a dedicated GH for highlanders and intermediates, and the environment in there is tuned quite precisely.

May I use that pic in my desktop background slideshow?
Yes, thanks for asking. :-)

Did you arrange them that way or are they naturally hanging in that postion?
That is just the way it presents its pitchers. No doubt this is one reason it was selected for cultivar status.

so lets see the rest of the plant
In time, sir.

Calendar material dat.
But not quite centerfold-worthy? I haz a sad nao! ;-)

yes indeed. very nice focus, really brings out the characteristics of the plant. thanks for sharing!
Mercy buckets, mon frere!