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Thread: Bye bye my hamata friend...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whimgrinder View Post
    I have never, ever had anyone from this (or any other) CP group treat me in this manner; people have been - without exception - free with their knowledge and courteous and patient when I have sought help or suggestions.
    I believe some are getting TOO worked up over that comment. I never said it was on this forum, did I! But there was another forum where someone did that when a member asked a question about how to grow a specific plant.

    I will say this, I did in the past ask and got the following:
    I have been questioned about my expertise and after I provided it, the replies stopped on the thread,.. what does that say!

    But, this thread has been helpful. The tid-bits of info relied on this thread about “you know you are losing your plant when”: when you suddenly see multiple growth points, the new leaves are getting smaller. Etc. is exactly what I mean about a helpful guide to growing these plants.
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