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Thread: Camera Techniques

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    Camera Techniques

    Didn't there used to be a photography section here?
    Anyway, I had been using a Fujifilm Finepix S2950 (14 mp) in combination with an adapter and macro lenses and had terrible results will blurry pictures so I finally replaced it with a Fujifilm Finepix HS25EXR (16 mp) and it made quite a difference and with some practice I should be able to improve on this. Oddly the 1 3/4" villosa is the hardest one to get a good picture of, not sure why but it washes out easily so I have to change the aperture setting.

    Finepix S2950 "Nepenthes villosa"

    Finepix HS25EXR "Nepenthes villosa"

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    Generally speaking, for plants that are short and rosetted, it's best to get a from directly overhead. For those that are taller, either from one side or diagonal, maximizes the plants. Obviously, good lighting, backgrounf, and appropriate distance, are a part of what makes a good picture. I would try a side and diagonal view to get a good picture of the pitchers.

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