I recently received a small N. kampotiana plant that was just coming out of "dormancy", with several basals growing from the rootstalk. I had observed the same plant at a nursery a couple months back. The plant appeared suddenly "crash" and die suddenly. I had heard of this species going through "dormancy" both in the wild and cultivation, so I told the nursery owner to not throw it away.

I am wondering if N. kampotiana requires a "dormancy" of if it can grow year-round like a normal Nepenthes. I find it strange that the plants at the nursery went dormant, because they were getting plenty of water. I am thinking dormancy for N. kampotiana might be a generalized stress response (the plants were in intermediate conditions, while N. kampotiana prefers lowland temps) as opposed to strictly a response to drought.

This plant also seems to be quite uncommon in cultivation. My plant is originally from BE, but it seems they don't grow it anymore (it's not on their catalog).