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Thread: Edwardsiana Companion question

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    Edwardsiana Companion question

    I am looking forward to one day getting an edwardsiana, but with the expensive price tag that is associated with it I would like to try to grow a more common and less expensive plant with similar requirements first. I have read that burbs are commonly grown with them but was curious as to what other plants I should look into before spending the large amount of money on such a desirable plant. I have also read much conflicting information as to if they are a true highlander, intermediate, or could be grown as both. Also, what would be the best way to cool a 7'X4'X4' grow tent during the summer. During the early fall winter and spring months my temperatures would have a good day/ night discrepancy, but during the summer they are more along the intermediate lines.

    Thanks for all the help
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