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Thread: Nep ID

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    Nep ID

    Hey guys. I got this plant a couple of months ago as a freebie in an order from a BE retailer. It was labeled N x 'Rokko'. I am familiar with Nepenthes 'Rokko', and in my opinion this plant looks nothing like it. Overall, the plant is very small, and produces lovely little pitchers. As they are transitioning into uppers, the pitcher base becomes even more bulbous, but the deep red coloration is being retained. It looks more like a tiny N. alata to me. It grows well in typical highland conditions. Any ideas for what this might be!?

    IMG_3278 by jgalanis7,

    IMG_3284 by jgalanis7,

    IMG_3279 by jgalanis7,

    IMG_3280 by jgalanis7,

    IMG_3287 by jgalanis7,

    2015-03-04 12.04.00 by jgalanis7,

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    It has certain alata traits, but it also makes me think tobaica. It could be a much more complex hybrid, which would be difficult to tease full pedigree data from.

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