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Thread: Need advice to buy! Nepenthes Sibuyanensis

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    Need advice to buy! Nepenthes Sibuyanensis

    Hi !
    someone in my city is selling N.Sibuyanensis, here it is.

    How common is this species in the market? I don't know if I should "hurry" to buy it.
    Would you? do you think it is a healthy one?

    I'm not from USA or Europe, it's just a little bit difficult, sometimes, to mail plants here.

    Thank you?

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    Looks healthy, if it's at a decent price, get it

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    I bought a sibyuanensis about that size for 40 bucks or so about a year ago. From my experience they arent that rare, I commonly see them for sale.

    Keep in mind sibyuanensis is an incredibly slow growing plant (notoriously so) it puts out maybe 2-3 pitchers a year, and is pretty picky as well in my experience. Youll need a proper highland setup to make one thrive.
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